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Taming the Mania John Hughes

Taming the Mania

John Hughes

Published March 11th 2014
ISBN : 9781631223044
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 About the Book 

After an adolescent and early adulthood life of completely good overall health, John found himself drinking alcohol and doing drugs. By his late twenties, he was in a dark addiction to alcohol and cocaine. The drug and alcohol abuse led to a substance induced form of mania which sent his life, business, and bodily health spiraling downward into complete turmoil. After a good, strong spiritual reconnection with the Lord, a very special son, good friends, and his overall drive bring his health back, John struggled to break free of his addictions. In Taming the Mania, you will see Johns slow and constant struggle to take his life and health back from the abyss of despair and addiction. This book is a must read for anyone attempting to develop an understanding of addiction, mania, and the path one must walk to reach a healthy, happy lifestyle. Taming the Mania is a personal, eloquent, and riveting memoir about mental health, addiction, and the struggle to maintain balance in ones life. A must read for anyone suffering, or with a loved one suffering, from addiction.